Kansas Memorials

  • Viet Nam War Memorial (Memorial Park)

    Viet Nam War Memorial  (Memorial Park)

    Constructed as a replica of the Washington D.C. Viet Nam War Memorial, this memorial is found in Memorial Park just east of the Courthouse. The Memorial is engraved with the names of 777

  • Madonna of the Trail

    Madonna of  the Trail

    This striking statue, depicting a pioneer mother with two children, pays tribute to the sturdy women of covered wagon days. The 10-feet-tall figure is made of pink Algonite stone and was erected in 19

  • Knute Rockne Memorial Marker

    Knute Rockne Memorial Marker

    On March 31, 1931, the plane carrying Notre Dame'

  • Dietrich Cabin

    Dietrich Cabin

    Located south of the old Ottawa Carnegie Library in Ottawa'

  • Davis Memorial

    Davis Memorial

    The Internationally known Davis Memorial is located just three blocks north of U.S. Highway 36 & 73 junction and east 1/2

  • C.H. Schneider Memorial Park

    At the south end of Horton on Highway 159 and 4

  • The All Veterans Memorial

    The All Veterans Memorial

    Dedicated on May 26, 1991, the first Memorial in the nation honors all Veterans from all wars. The park features a World War II M-4A6 Sherman army tank, a memorial to Emporian, Sgt. Grant Timmerman.

  • Vietnam War Memorial

    Vietnam War Memorial

    The Vietnam War Memorial, dedicated in 1997, was created by Sandy Scott and stands in tribute to those veterans at the West entrance to the historic courthouse in downtown Clay Center.

  • General Grant's Statue

    General Grant's Statue

    Sculpted by Loredo Taft, in 1889, the statue and the pedestal are 9 feet tall each. It was the largest statue of its type in the Midwest when it was installed.

  • John Brown Memorial Park

    John Brown Memorial Park

    The twenty acre John Brown Memorial Park is a National Historic Site donated to the State of Kansas by the Womens Relief Corps to preserve the site of the Battle of Osawatomie, August 30, 1856

  • Civil War Memorial

    Civil War Memorial

    The Civil War Memorial erected in 1911 is dedicated to those who fought in the war between the states, and proudly graces the courthouse square on the west side of the historic courthouse.

  • Gen. James Birdseye McPherson Statue

    Gen. James Birdseye McPherson  Statue

    The equestrian statue that overlooks Memorial Park was dedicated in 1917 in a ceremony that attracted 40,000

  • Civil War Memorial Arch - 1898

    Civil War Memorial Arch - 1898

    On September 8, 1898

  • Kansas Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    Kansas Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    The 13x46 foot, black granite memorial was dedicated to the men and women who lost their lives in the Vietnam War. The memorial lists the names of the 797

  • Statue of "Old Trooper Bill"

    Statue of

    The Old Trooper has become a symbol at Fort Riley of the proud heritage of the Horse Cavalry. It is modeled after the drawing of "Old Bill,"

  • World War II Memorial Mural

    World War II Memorial Mural

    The World War II Memorial is painted on the wall of this building located across the street from the Galva Museum in downtown Galva.

  • Doughboy Memorial

    Doughboy Memorial

    The Doughboy was purchased by the American Legion and dedicated November 11, 1920

  • Frank Carlson Memorial Library

    Frank Carlson Memorial Library

    The library contains the Frank Carlson Room that exhitits memorabilia from Carlson's experiences as a legislator, congressman, governor, and U.S. Senator.

  • Bukovina Memorial

    Bukovina Memorial

    "In Memory of those settlers from Bukovina, Austria, who stepped off the train at this location. Beginning in 1886

  • La Crosse City Park

    La Crosse City Park

    Take a moment to sit back and relax while you are visiting La Crosse. The City Park is the perfect place to have a picnic and breathe in some fresh air.

  • War Memorial

    War Memorial

    Located in Downtown Wilson in the city park by the railroad right of way is the World Wars Memorial in memory to those soldiers and marines who lost their lives during the wars.

  • George Washington Carver Memorial Marker

    George Washington Carver Memorial Marker

    Granite Marker at the Carver Homestead

    One of Beeler'

  • Osborne County Pioneers Memorial

    Osborne County Pioneers Memorial

    This simple elegant sphere-topped white marble column was dedicated in 1929 to preserve the memory and spirit of Osborne County'

  • Civil War Memorial

    Civil War Memorial

    The Civil War Memorial was erected in 1929 by Theodore P. Burkert, a Civil War veteran. It is dedicated to Civil War veterans and the Women's Relief Corps.

  • Cherry Creek Encampment

    This site features a memorial to the Cheyenne Indian survivors of the Sand Creek Massacre on November 29, 1864

  • Last Indian Raid Memorial Marker

    In September of 1878, The Last Indian Raid on Kansas soil occurred, with the Northern Cheyenne Indians. In 1911

  • Union Soldiers Memorial

    Union Soldiers Memorial

    Proudly displayed on the Northeast corner of the Lyons Town Square stands the Memorial erected in 1918 to commenorate the service of our Union Soldiers - "Lest We Forget".

  • Shrine of St. Philipine Dutchesne

    Shrine of St. Philipine Dutchesne

    In 1838, about 900 Pottawatomie Indians were rounded up from their homes in northern Indiana and forced to march 681 miles in 61

  • Hobbs Park Memorial

    Hobbs Park Memorial

    The Hobbs Park Memorial is a new public monument located in historic Old East Lawrence, which builds upon the community'

  • Civil War Memorial

    Civil War Memorial

    This monument bears a marble collage of 12 Civil War sites in Humboldt depicting events during the Oct. 1861

  • Prudence Crandall Memorial Markers

    Prudence Crandall Memorial Markers

    Is she America's most famous unknown woman? Learn about her fascinating life at this combined Kansas and Connecticut marker site. Her story was told in the Walt Disney/NBC-TV movie,

  • Veterans Memorial Park

    Veterans Memorial Park

    Veterans memorial park is a tribute to the men and women of Kansas who answered the Nation'

  • Big Flag Veteran Memorial

    Big Flag Veteran Memorial

    Drop by an see one of the nation's largest American Flags (30' x 60' - 130' high). While you can see the flag from your vehicle, you really must stand under the Big Flag to appreciate its true size, 1

  • Huey Helicopter & Veteran's Memorial

    Huey Helicopter & Veteran's Memorial

    On April 15, 1995, a formal ceremony dedicated a Huey Helicopter to its new home on the Southeast corner of the Crawford County Courthouse lawn.

  • Gen. George H. Wark Memorial Park

    Gen. George H. Wark Memorial Park

    This city park was established in 1919 in memory of Caney's Company D who participated in World War I. Gen. George H. Wark organized Co. D, 3

  • Logan Memorial Veteran's Park

    Logan Memorial Veteran's Park

    This memorial park has served Cherryvale since 1881 when the Leavenworth, Lawrence & Galveston Railroad offered the six-acre tract to the city. In 1895, Civil War Veterans held their first "

  • Erie Veteran's Memorial

    Erie Veteran's Memorial

    Dedicated in July, 2008, the Erie Veteran'

  • Docking Memorial

    Erected in honor of Kansas Governor Robert Docking who served from 1967 to 1975

  • Rosedale Memorial Arch

    Rosedale Memorial Arch

    The Rosedale Memorial Arch pays tribute to soldiers who served our country in World War I. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Korean/Vietnam Veterans Memorial of Wyandotte County

    Korean/Vietnam Veterans Memorial of Wyandotte County

    The nation's first dual war memorial is dedicated to veterans of both the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. The marble memorial with two life-size bronze statues was formally dedicated on Veterans Day 198

  • Veteran's Memorial

    Veteran's Memorial

    The Veteran's Memorial features an M60A3 tank which is a fully tracked &

  • Ness County Veterans Memorial Park

    Ness County Veterans Memorial Park

    This memorial honors Ness County Veterans, with a special remembrance to those who made the ultimate sacrifice when answering their country'