Nebraska Arts

  • Post Office Mural

    Post Office Mural

    The Albion United States Post Office, built in 1937-38, is a one-story, red brick building with simple Colonial Revival details built from standardized plans in the 1930

  • The Neihardt Center

    The Neihardt Center

    The Neihardt Center has been constructed for the study and preservation of the works of John G. Neihardt. The memorial room repeats the symbolism of the Hoop of the World and chronicles Neihardt'

  • Gallery 92 West

    "The Gallery" includes two main floor galleries. Exhibits of local, regional and national artists. Home of the Fremont Area Art

  • Dodge City Murals

    Dodge City Murals

    Located on the West side of the Dodge City Restaurant in downtown Dodge.

    - Artist, Terry Taylor, July, 2001

  • Outdoor Mural

    Outdoor Mural

    This 140 ft. mural on the north side of the museum building was painted by Keith Knutson of Niobrara and Blane Berg of Verdel. It was funded by the Historical Society and represents

  • Pawnee Indian Village Mural

    Pawnee Indian Village Mural

    This scene shows the Pawnee Indian Village which was located one mile south of Genoa, Nebraska from 1858 to 1878

  • Carhenge

    This unique replica of the world-famous Stonehenge was constructed of old cars in 1987

  • Pioneer Mural

    Pioneer Mural

    The mural located in downtown Gordon created in 1991 expresses the pioneer growth of the area in the late 1800s and early 1900

  • Bess Streeter Aldrich (1881-1954)

    Bess Streeter Aldrich (1881-1954)

    Bess Streeter Aldrich was one of Nebraska'

  • Outdoor Mural

    Outdoor Mural

    If you enter Elmwood from the south, one of the first things that will catch your eye is the attractive mural painted on the south side of Lou'

  • Old Avoca Schoolhouse

    Old Avoca Schoolhouse

    The Old Avoca Schoolhouse built in 1912

  • Post Office W.P.A. Mural

    Post Office W.P.A. Mural

    In Geneva is the Geneva United State Post Office, a one-story, five-bay Georgian Revival-style building, constructed in 1939-40

  • Exeter Mural

    Exeter Mural

    This vivid mural, painted by Greg Holdren in 1998, shows activity in the town of Exeter in the early 1900s.

    When Exeter was incorporated in 1879

  • 74-foot Outdoor Mural

    74-foot Outdoor Mural

    A 74-foot mural on the north wall of the former Franklin Township Building in Ohiowa is "a picture worth a thousand words."

  • Campbell Bros. Circus Mural

    Campbell Bros. Circus Mural

    The Campbell Bros. Circus and other highlights of historic Fairbury are captured on this mural on the side of Globe Rexall Drugstore in downtown Fairbury.

  • Author, E.M. Rhodes

    Eugene Manlove Rhodes was born in a double log, "dugtrot" cabin in Tecumseh on January 19, 1869

  • Outdoor Murals

    Outdoor Murals

    In 1993 this 100

  • Outdoor Murals

    Outdoor Murals

    Displayed on the exterior walls of two downtown businesses are two outdoor murals painted by artist, E. Henke, 1991-1999 depicting the light-hearted lifestyles of Syracuse'

  • Post Office Mural

    Post Office Mural

    The Pawnee City United States Post Office is a one-story, brick Colonial Revival-style building constructed in 1940-41

  • Fawley Fountain

    Fawley Fountain

    The Frawley Fountain has been the focal point of the City Square since the late 1800's. The fountain was placed on the east side of the park by

  • Midwest Park Arboretum & Sculpture

    Midwest Park Arboretum & Sculpture

    Midwest Park Arboretum in the northeast part of Stromsburg has more than 75 different varieties of

  • Willow Point Gallery

    Willow Point Gallery

    Visit the Gallery and Museum that people are talking about. Mentioned

  • Outdoor Mural

    Outdoor Mural

    A scene of early century Deshler is painted on the side of one of Deshler's downtown buildings.

    - Gretchen Wiseman, 1997

  • Yorkshire Playhouse

    Yorkshire Playhouse

    The completion of the Yorkshire Playhouse in downtown York was a milestone for the

  • Hastings Art Galleries

    Hastings Art Galleries

    Aspen Art Gallery
    2727 W. 2nd, Suite 440
    (402) 463-0546
        Features sculpture, prints, paintings, and art of

  • Pony Express Mural

    Pony Express Mural

    The Pony Express galloped through the West in 18

  • Sculpture of Rachel

    Sculpture of  Rachel

    Israel's matriarch, Rachel, was heard weeping for her children during the jewish exile and again during Herod'

  • Opera House Mural

    Opera House Mural

    A highlight of the Ruth Armstrong Theater is the Dick and Kaylyn McBride Mural. what a story it tells! This beautiful 2000

  • WPA Post Office Mural

    WPA Post Office Mural

    At the southeast corner of the square is the Minden Post Office. It was completed in 1937 in the style called by some "WPA Moderne". The mural over the postmaster'

  • Bronze Sculpture

    Bronze Sculpture

    Greeting visitors to Holdrege is the beautiful 12' bronze sculpture, "Promise of the Prairie", by native artist, George Lundeen. It is a promise for today and tomorrow;

  • Red Cloud Post Office Murals

    Red Cloud Post Office Murals

    One of only twelve public buildings in the state of Nebraska which commissioned murals for its lobby, Red Cloud Post Office houses three works by the western artist, Archie Musick, 1941.

  • Springview Murals

    Springview Murals

    These murals displayed inside the Keya Paha County Courthouse were created by Shirley Nelson in 1984

  • Mural


    While visiting Harrisburg, you're welcome to stop by the Banner County Bank and appreciate the creative work in this mural of art in Banner County'

  • Chappell Memorial Art Gallery

    Chappell Memorial Art Gallery

    One of the most rare and valuable collections of art in western Nebraska, the Chappell collection features works by Rembrandt, Aaron Pyle, and unusual oriental art.

  • W.H. Jackson Collection

    W.H. Jackson Collection

    William Henry Jackson, frontier photographer and artist, was an early photographer of the American West, as well as an accomplished artist. He traveled the Oregon-California Trail in 1866 and 1867