Kansas Pioneer Life

  • Early Day Jail

    Early Day Jail

    Desperadoes, ruffians, robbers and horse thieves all "bunked" here in this early day calaboose (jail), built in 1849

  • 1875 Drinkwater & Schriver Flour Mill

    1875 Drinkwater & Schriver Flour Mill

    The 1875 Drinkwater & Schriver Flour Mill is located on the Cottonwood River at Cedar Point. Flour was milled for the area and also shipped to Eastern bakeries until the 1937

  • Cowboy Jail

    The stone building was used to house prisoners before the courthouse was finished in 1883.

  • Palmyra Post Office

    Palmyra Post Office

    Located at the Old Castle Complex is the Palmyra Post Office and Blood's Grocery which opened in 1857

  • Kibbee Cabin

    Kibbee Cabin

    [Kibbee Cabin] The Kibbee Cabin is a reproduction of a log cabin which stood on the crest of the Santa Fe Ridge (commonly called "Big Hill")

  • Black Jack Log Cabin

    Black Jack Log Cabin

    A white oak log cabin stands at the roadside park three miles east of Baldwin on Highway 56. Built in observance of Kansas' centennial in 1961

  • Santa Fe Trail Ruts

    Santa Fe Trail Ruts

    The historic Santa Fe Trail which carried civilization and commerce between the East and the Mexican settlements of the southwest between 1825 and 1875

  • Santa Fe Trail Well

    Santa Fe Trail Well

    Located three blocks north of Highway 56 on Washington Street in Baldwin (the only Palmyra street to still carry its original name)

  • Women's Bridge

    Women's Bridge

    The native stone and brick bridge over Tauy Creek was erected in 1890 at the request of Baldwin's first female mayor, Lucy Sullivan. Mrs. Sullivan, one of the nation'

  • Baldwin, Historical Marker

    Baldwin, Historical Marker

    Here, and for the next 300 miles west, Highway 56 roughly follows the old Santa Fe Trail, and frequently crosses it. White settlement began in this area in 1854

  • Old Schoolhouse/Residence

    Lyndon's first school was located in the home on Madison Street shortly after Lyndon was founded in 1870. The house continued as a school until it was purchased by School District 28 in August, 1889

  • Tibbot Schoolhouse

    Tibbot Schoolhouse

    Originally a country schoolhouse located southeast of Oskaloosa, the Tibbot school was moved to Oskaloosa in the 1950'

  • Wellman Schoolhouse

    Wellman Schoolhouse

    The school was built in 1887

  • Winchester Jail

    Winchester Jail

    Built in 1909

  • Sam Peppard's Wind Wagon

    Sam Peppard's Wind Wagon

    Samuel Peppard, a blacksmith and wagon maker during the mid 1800's, has provided the area with one of the most famous and interesting stories. While looking for adventure in the drought year of 1860

  • Werner Wagon Works and Guest House

    Werner Wagon Works and Guest House

    Keeping Our Roots Alive by Passing on the Old Pioneer Skills Visiting Werner Wagon Works, located on the east side of beautiful Mission Lake, you'll be welcomed to "a piece of the past."

  • Old Albany

    Old Albany

    Old Albany is the remnant of an 1850

  • 1882 Log Cabin

    1882 Log Cabin

    The cabin originally was built in 1882 by the John Pecha family near Odell, Nebraska, and was moved to Washington in 1970 by the Fidelia Study Club.

  • Holm Log Cabin

    Holm Log Cabin

    The two room Holm cabin was built by Swedish pioneers in approximately 1876 of hand hewn logs of oak and door frames of walnut. The cabin was lived in until about 1981.

  • Chisholm Trail/Santa Fe Trails Meet

    Chisholm Trail/Santa Fe Trails Meet

    Two of the most historic trails of Kansas, the Santa Fe Trail and the Chisholm Trail, meet just 3 miles east of Canton on Highway 56, on the McPherson/

  • 1883 Jail

    The pioneer 1883 jail on Allen Street can be seen by appointment.

  • Oregon and Santa Fe Trails

    Oregon and Santa Fe Trails

    In the 1830s, settlers heading for the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails crossed the Missouri River at this point. Teams of oxen pulled the loaded wagons through the "cut "

  • Republican Party in Kansas

    It was on May 18, 1859, that the Republican Party was organized in Kansas by Horace Greeley at the Osage Valley Hotel which stood on the southeast corner of Sixth and Main Streets. He addressed some 5

  • First Land Office

    First Land Office

    This land office building was built in 1854

  • Wetzel's Cabin

    Wetzel's Cabin

    This cabin was built in 1857 by the C.F. Wetzel family. In 1861

  • Log Cabin

    Log Cabin

    Located on the grounds of the Onaga Historical Society Museum is a cabin that was "uncovered" when an old house on the Kirke Grutzmacher farm was torn down. According to L.B. "Barney"

  • Bell-Bogardus Indian Massacre and Cemetery

    August 12, 1868 - At the homestead site of David A. Bogardus, 40 rods north of the Solomon River and 3 miles southeast of Willow Springs (present Day Beloit).

  • Col. William Newton Kinslow

    Col. William Newton Kinslow

    When Col. William Newton Kinslow died in Beloit on Oct. 18, 1948, many attended his funeral, but no one bought him a head stone to mark his final resting place. At 6'7"

  • Sod and Stubble Country Self-Guided Auto Tour

    Sod and Stubble Country Self-Guided Auto Tour

    Three miles northwest of the city of Downs is located the site of the 1871 homestead of immigrant Henry Ise. In 1873

  • The Railroad Gazebo

    The Railroad Gazebo

    The Railroad Gazebo, located in the railroad park, is a replica of the original gazebo and continues to serve as a focal point for community events, just as it did in the late 1800s.

  • Cowtown History

    "Every other business a Saloon!"

    During the years 1867 to 1871

  • Buffalo Herd

    Buffalo Herd

    Located on US-183 Alternate, four miles south of I-70

  • Old Stone Jail

    Old Stone Jail

    The old stone jail is one of several buildings that comprise the Jewell County Historical Society Museum and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Higley Cabin - "Home on the Range"

    Higley Cabin -

    In this cabin, in 1872, Dr. Brewster M. Higley, a homesteading doctor from Ohio, wrote the words for the song, "Home on the Range", that was adopted as the state song of Kansas in 1947.

  • Old Log Hotel

    Old Log Hotel

    The Old Log Hotel is Stockton's first hotel erected in 1871

  • 80 Foot Wide Brick Streets

    Take a walk along the 80 foot wide brick streets of downtown. WaKeeney was founded in 1879 by the efforts of a 33

  • Butterfield Overland Despatch Trail

    Stone markers can be seen where this trail crosses the north-south country roads. The Butterfield Overland Despatch followed the route of the old Smoky Hill trail from Atchison to Denver. In 1865

  • Old City Jail

    Old City Jail

    A unique stone building in Wilson, Kansas, is the round jail built around 1911. Originally it was used for a water tower of the city, with the lower part serving as the jail. The 18

  • Summerville Cabin

    Summerville Cabin

    The Summerville cabin was built in 1867. It was donated to the Rock Creek Valley Historical Society in 1993

  • Santa Fe Trail Ruts

    Santa Fe Trail Ruts

    The Santa Fe Trail closely follows State Highway 56 across the northern portion of Osage County and several areas of the trail'

  • Augusta Historical Museum & C.N. James Log Cabin

    Augusta Historical Museum & C.N. James Log Cabin

    See Augusta's first building - the 1868 C.N. James log cabin, which stands on it's original site. A must see while traveling across Kansas. The Augusta Historical Museum is home to the 1868

  • Atkinson Log House

    Atkinson Log House

    This building houses the two-story Atkinson Log House, constructed in 1858 on Clark's Creek near Large Spring near Latimer, and moved to this site in 1996