Kansas Railroad History

  • The Santa Fe Depot

    The Santa Fe Depot

    The original depot burned in 1902 and was replaced in 1903. In 1913

  • The Midland Historic Railroad

    The Midland Historic Railroad

    The Midland Historic Railroad began operation August 8, 1987 with a restored diesel engine, a 1923 Rock Island commuter coach and a 1950

  • The Historic Santa Fe Depot

    The Historic Santa Fe Depot

    The Santa Fe Depot was built in 1906 and is the only remaining depot of Kansas' first railroad south of the Kaw, the Leavenworth, Lawrence, and Ft. Gibson.

  • City Park Historic Displays

    City Park Historic Displays

    After the Union Pacific Railroad converted to diesel power in the early 1950

  • Old Albany Depot

    Old Albany Depot

    The original depot was moved to Albany from Bern, Kansas in 1965. It was destroyed by fire in 1980 and a new replica was built in 1981.

  • Model Railroad Layouts

    Model Railroad Layouts

    Learn about American history and railroading history by viewing one of Kansas largest model railroad layouts. Two train layouts featuring N&HO scales; "

  • Santa Fe Depot

    Constructed in 1879 and listed on the National Historic Register

  • Depot Market

    The renovated former Courtland Depot is now the Depot Market located on US 36

  • The Depot

    The authentic red brick railroad depot was built in the early 1900'

  • Frisco Train Depot

    Frisco Train Depot

    The 1912-1913 Frisco Train Depot was relocated to the Legler Barn Museum Complex in 1987, from its long time home in old town Lenexa at the intersection of Santa Fe Trail Drive and Pflumm.

  • Ol' Depot

    Ol' Depot

    The renovated Atwood Depot is now a gift and collectibles store that sits at the edge of Lake Atwood.

  • Santa Fe Depot

    Santa Fe Depot

    The Hugoton Santa Fe Depot was first known in 1913, when the railroad came to Stevens county. It was removed from its location in 1982

  • Santa Fe Depot

    Santa Fe Depot

    Lakin originated as one of the early stops on the Santa Fe Railroad from Dodge City to Colorado in 1872. This depot, constructed in 1876

  • Depot at Selkirk

    Depot at Selkirk

    The Shallow Water Depot will hopefully find its permanent setting at Selkirk, Kansas, after making its fifth move in over a hundred and thirteen years and restored as it would have looked in 1887.

  • Rock Island Depot

    Rock Island Depot

    In April, 1888, the first train with goods other than construction materials arrived at the end of the new Rock Island line in Liberal, Kansas.

  • Missouri-Pacific Depot

    Missouri-Pacific Depot

    The El Dorado Missouri-Pacific Depot began as a wooden structure in 1883 in a town of less than 2,000

  • Caldwell Railroads

    Caldwell Railroads

    The Santa Fe Railroad was the first railroad that came into Caldwell. Traces of the pens are still visible as well as the roundhouse.

  • Santa Fe Depot

    Santa Fe Depot

    The existing Santa Fe Depot is the fourth depot built in Ellinwood and was dedicated on Dec. 17, 1903. The previous depot was hit by lightning and burned in 1902

  • Chamber of Commerce and Visitor's Center - Caboose

    Chamber of Commerce and Visitor's Center - Caboose

    Coffey County Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center is located in a bright red Sante Fe Caboose at the intersection of Highway 75

  • Former Santa Fe Depot

    Former Santa Fe Depot

    In March, 1999, the Santa Fe Depot was purchased by a private citizen from the Central Kansas Railway and later deeded to The Santa Fe Depot Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3

  • MKT Caboose

    MKT Caboose

    For information on moving to, or visiting Oswego, Kansas, stop by the Visitor's Center housed in an authentic Missouri, Kansas, and Texas (MKT) Caboose.

  • Santa Fe Depot

    Santa Fe Depot

    tThe Santa Fe Depot was renovated in 1996 and serves as a tourist information center and resting place for The Spirit Trail users. The are picnic facilities, restrooms, concession area (

  • Depot and Visitors Center

    Depot and Visitors Center

    During its post-Civil War rebuilding, one of Lawrence's main goals was to establish itself as the railroad hub of the Midwest. In 1882, Union Pacific spent $40,000

  • Columbus Wye and Frisco Caboose

    Columbus Wye and Frisco Caboose

    The Columbus Wye is a one of its kind three way switch allowing trains to turn around.

  • Santa Fe Depot

    Santa Fe Depot

    In 1886 the first iron horse, the train, thundered into Stafford. The line was the Chicago-Kansas and Western. This was changed to the Santa Fe ten years later. The AT&SF railroad runs east/

  • Frisco Caboose Museum

    Frisco Caboose Museum

    The Frisco Caboose Mueseum houses railroad artifacts and memorabilia.

  • Santa Fe Depot

    Santa Fe Depot

    The Santa Fe Depot remains as an icon to the bygone days of railroading with memories of steam locomotives, doodlebugs and cabooses. Built in 1910

  • Old Frisco Wooden Water Tower

    Old Frisco Wooden Water Tower

    Built in 1885 for Frisco Railroad steam engines in Beaumont, the water tower provided water for the railroad roundhouse and cattle shipping operation. Listed on the

  • The Great Overland Station

    The Great Overland Station

    This historic Union Pacific depot has been restored to its 1927

  • 1917 Sante Fe Depot

    Restored Santa Fe Depot built in 1917