Kansas Tours

  • Historic Homes Tour

    Historic Homes Tour

    Welcome to Winfield, Kansas, home to beautiful and unique Victorian homes. These homes, built from 1870 to the early 1900

  • Baden Square Tour

    Baden Square Tour

    In 1893, John Peter Baden, an early Winfield merchant and entrepreneur, built St. John'

  • Potwin Place

    Potwin Place

    Looking for a scenic drive? View beautiful Victorian homes of the late 1800s situated along brick streets where islands of greenery circle each intersection point in the National Historic District<

  • Atchison Trolley

    Atchison Trolley

    Learn about Atchison from those who know it best. Hop aboard the trolley at the Santa Fe Depot and enjoy a 45

  • Atchison Historic Driving/Walking Tours

    The rich heritage of architectural styles in Atchison make the city fascinating to tour. The walking/driving tour is 2.4

  • Old Homes Tour

    Old Homes Tour

    The self-guided old homes tour features 14 of Hiawatha'

  • Gypsum Plant

    Gypsum Plant

    In 1871, Judge J.V. Coon of Elyria, Ohio, visited Blue rapids and took samples of gypsum back to Ohio for testing. It was found to be suitable for the manufacturing of plaster of paris. In 1872

  • Self Guided Byre and Bluff Barn Tour

    Self Guided Byre and Bluff Barn Tour

    Take the self guided barn tour to view Byre and Bluff barns. Their scarcity makes them extremely rare. Many are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Historic Waysides Tour at Fort Leavenworth

    In 1996 Fort Leavenworth was designated a Registered National Historic Landmark

  • Group Tours

    Leavenworth City Tour - A guide, provided by the Leavenworth Convention &

  • Leavenworth Historical Wayside Tour

    Leavenworth Historical Wayside Tour

    Leavenworth, the "First City of Kansas", invites you to take a walk back in time and explore the history of "Where the West Began" by visiting our Historic Wayside Tour.

  • Abilene Walking Tour

    The best way to see the entire one hundred years Abilene'

  • Kuenzli Creek Oxen Tours

    Kuenzli Creek Oxen Tours

    Experience the speed of travel on the western trails throughout the Tallgrass Prairie of the Flint Hills.

  • Self-Guided Walking and Driving Tours

    Emporia, founded in 1857

  • 109 Historical Sites Driving Tours

    109 Historical Sites Driving Tours

    Explore Eureka and Greenwood County through its Driving Tour that visits 109 historical sites. Find Stone Houses, bridges, schools, cemeteries, churches, barns, silos, and landmarks along the way.

  • Star Dust Feed Tours

    Sheep ranch educational tours of a faciltiy for over 7,000

  • Peabody Downtown Walking Tour

    Peabody Downtown Walking Tour

    33 sites along Walnut Street, the main street of Peabody, remarkably remain while most pioneer towns suffer losses from fires and storms. The oldest building dating to 1878

  • Peabody Driving Tour

    Peabody Driving Tour

    The Peabody Driving Tour takes you beyond historic main street to view 27 beautiful works of architecture in churches and homes of the founding families dating from 1877

  • Marquette Visitor's Tour

    Marquette Visitor's Tour


    9:00 A.M. - Arrive in Marquette for restrooms and coffee time.

  • Historic Residences

    Historic Residences

    237 West 3rd

    240West 2nd

  • Cloud County Stained Glass Tour

    Cloud County Stained Glass Tour

    Have fun on your self-guided tour visiting these sites by yourself or in a group. Detailed maps will show you the way. Call the Brown Grand Theatre, 785-243-2553 for details.


  • Delphos: Red Post Tour

    Delphos: Red Post Tour

    Pick up a self tour guide at the Chamber and follow the Red Posts. We have the National Prairie Tour where you can expect a lot of intriguing sights, on the "Bohemian Hills Tour"

  • Downtown Historical Walking Tour

    Downtown Historical Walking Tour

    The famous and infamous walked the streets of Old Hays City during the 1860's to 1880'

  • Arikaree Breaks Driving Tour

    Arikaree Breaks Driving Tour

    The breaks, located on the extreme northern edge of Cheyenne County, are 36

  • Goodland Historical Tour

    Goodland Historical Tour

    Find out about the history of Goodland with a tour of 36 historic homes, buildings, landmarks, stained glass and including Goodland'

  • Self-Guided Car Tour

    Rawlins County self-guided car tour. A complete audio-visual experience! An audio tape has been produced that you simply insert into your car tape player (cassettes players available upon request)

  • 25 Historical Sites

    25 Historical Sites

    (According to Anselm Sramek's Historical Map)

    A. BONE HILL - 11

  • Ashland Driving Tour

    Tours of wildflowers, 314 homes built before 1920, ghost towns, hunting sites, nature, geological sights, trail rides and early Indian and cattle drive trails are available.

  • Dodge City Trolley

    Dodge City Trolley

    Learn Dodge City's history and folklore on a narrated tour of sites where history was made. Visit original locations of the Longbranch Saloon, Gospel Hill, the "deadline" and Front Street where "

  • Historic Walking/Driving Tour

    The brochure outlines a self-guided walking and/or driving tour of historic sites in Dodge City, The Santa Fe Trail and Fort Dodge. An audio narration of the 1870's & 1880'

  • Santa Fe Trail Driving Tour

    Below is a self-guided driving tour of seven sites along highways 154 and 50 which parallels the original Santa Fe Trail. A brochure is available at the Visitors Center, 400

  • Finney County Historic Driving Tour

    Finnup Park
    Land for the park was donated to the city in 1919 by George Finnup in memory of his father, Frederick, an early pioneer. Located in Finnup Park: <

  • Historic House Auto Tour

    Historic House Auto Tour

    Tour Larned with the Historic Houses Auto Tour, a 28 house tour with houses dating between 1880 and 1917 (15 prior to 1887). The houses are private residences, but are clearly visible.

  • Self Guided Auto Tour of the Santa Fe Trail

    Self Guided Auto Tour of the Santa Fe Trail

    An itinerary of 73 markers placed on the five separate routes of the Santa Fe Trail in present day Pawnee, Edwards, and Ford Counties, Kansas by the Wet/

  • Auto Tour of Sites in the Legacy of Henry Booth

    Auto Tour of  Sites in the Legacy of Henry Booth

    Take this Self-Guided Auto Tour of the Historic Sites associated with Henry Booth, the principal founder of Pawnee County and the City of Larned. There are 10

  • Industrial Tours

    Make arrangements to tour one of Ulysses' industries while you are enjoying your stay. Below are the names and numbers of busineses where you can arrange a tour.

  • "Talking Tombstones Tour"

    During the "Talking Tombstones Tour", some of Caldwell's infamous cowtown characters"come back" to tell their stories at their real graves.

  • Driving Tours

    Great Bend is a great location for you to stay while you explore the region. Ask the Convention & Visitors Bureau about "Tours on a Tankful."

  • Santa Fe Trail Historic Driving Tour

    Santa Fe Trail Historic Driving Tour

    Marker Cottonwood - This giant cottonwood tree, believed to be more than 200 years old, served as a marker to guide travelers to the upper crossing of the Arkansas River.

  • Confederate Soldier Marker

    Confederate Soldier Marker

    This stone marker memorializes the site where a Confederate soldier was shot during the burning of Humboldt in October 1861. This is just one of 12 sites in Humboldt'

  • Historic Homes Tour

    Historic Homes Tour

    Architectural variety characterizes Old West Lawrence. From the beginning, the neighbor hood was home to Lawrence'

  • Homes For The Holidays Tour

    Homes For The Holidays Tour

    Fort Scott is well known for its wealth of Victorian painted-lady homes. Visit two of the most gracious parlors on the prairieduring the city's annual "Homes for the Holidays"

  • Trolley Tours

    Trolley Tours

    How to see everything Fort Scott has to offer! We make it easy! Just catch Dolly the Trolley, sit back and relax! Our tour narrators will fill you in on the history and romance of the sights you'

  • The Columbus Trolley

    Tour our city in our double decker trolley!

  • Civil War Tour

    Civil War Tour

    Take the self-guided Civil War tour of Baxter Springs. Visit 12 points of interest relating to the attack on Ft. Blair and the subsequent Battle of Baxter Springs. For example, SITE #2

  • Wolf Creek Generating Station

    Wolf Creek Generating Station

    Wolf Creek Generating station is the only nuclear power plant in the state of Kansas. It plays a key role in providing electrical power for some 780,000 customers in Kansas and Missouri.

  • Historic Homes Tour

    Historic Homes Tour

    This home was built in 1889

  • Burlington Educational Tours

    All tours are free of charge and handicapped accessible unless otherwise stated. Call Coffey County Chamber of Commerce for additional information. 620-364-5334.

  • Historic Homes Tour

    Historic Homes Tour

    Discover Chanute's rich historical heritage. Explore tree-lined streets made of hand-laid brick and note the architectural and cultural significance of many of Chanute'

  • Nu-Wa Industries Factory Tours

    Nu-Wa Industries Factory Tours

    Nu-Wa Industries is the leading manufacturer of 5th wheel RV'

  • Western Heritage Tour

    Western Heritage Tour

    The Wichita Western Heritage Tour is unique in that it includes not only the traditional element of the "wild west,"

  • Historic Church Tour

    Historic Church Tour

    St. Mary's Cathedral "Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception" is the proper name of this church which is the direct successor of the First Catholic Church in Wichita built in 1872

  • Tours


    The Greater Hutchinson Convention/Visitors Bureau will help to create an adventurous experience or provide ideas to create your own. Services include: Group Tour Planner

  • Historic Main Street Tour

    Historic Main Street Tour

    Because of its historic downtown, Neodesha was selected as a Kansas Main Street City in 1993

  • Historic Homes Tour

    Historic Homes Tour

    Neodesha has several homes builit in the late 1800s and turn of the century. The beautiful Queen Anne Victorian style home at 7th and Main was built in 1898

  • Circle "E" Feedlot Tours

    Custom feeding operation for 12,000 to 15,000 head of cattle. Tours by appointment.

  • Historic Walking Tour

    Historic Walking Tour

    1. Lecompton City Jail (1892) Used into the 1920's as a jail. It is now located on private property. 2. Constitution Hall (1856)

  • Cimarron National Grassland Auto Tour

    Cimarron National Grassland Auto Tour

    The Cimarron National Grassland Auto Tour is a self-guided, 50 mile tour which will take approximately 3 hours to complete. The tour includes 11 stops at unique places and features 6