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Panhandle Plains, Texas Area Parks & Recreation

Popular Attractions in Panhandle Plains

Thomas Cree's Little Tree
Panhandle, TX | Category: Historic Markers
Set behind protective fence at south edge of U.S. 60 about five miles southwest of city is site of first tree planted throughout entire Texas Panhandle. Immense plains were once a sea of grass from horizon to horizon. In 1888 pioneer settler Thomas Cree hauled a sapling of bois d' Thomas Cree's Little Tree

Lakes in Panhandle Plains

Hubbard Creek Lake
Region : Panhandle Plains, TX
Hubbard Creek Lake Hubbard Creek Lake-when full, is known for excellent white crappie and white bass fishing in Hubbard and Sandy Creeks in late fall and winter. It has a surface area of 14,922 acres and a maximum depth of 60 feet. Hubbard Creek Lake