Kansas Historic Buildings

  • First National Bank Building

    First National Bank Building

    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the First National Bank was at this location from 1887 to 1912.

  • Abilene Civic Center

    Abilene Civic Center

    The restored 1928 U.P. Depot is home to the Kansas Visitor Information Center and 150 person meeting room.

    History Of The Abilene Civic Center

  • Hiatt House

    Hiatt House

    The Italianate Victorian home presently known as Hiatt's House Restaurant, owned by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tredway, was built in 1879

  • The Iron Gate Inn - The Baden House

    The Iron Gate Inn - The Baden House

    This Cross-gable Victorian home was built in 1885 by J.P. Baden, an early industrialist, founder of St. John's College, and one of Winfield'

  • S.H. Kress Building

    Built in 1929

  • Lindley M. Harris House

    This house was built in 1898

  • Council Grove National Bank Building

    Council Grove National Bank Building

    Completed in 1887, this bank that anchors a corner of downtown is a fine example of Western Commerical architecture. The exterior of the building was refurbished in 1974 and, after a 1978

  • Farmers and Drovers Bank Building

    Farmers and Drovers Bank Building

    A Council Grove landmark, the Farmers and Drovers Bank is one of the community's most ornate buildings. The two-story red brick bank with limestone trim was built in 1892 for $20,000. Its "eclectic"

  • The Leach House

    The Leach House

    Built around 1890

  • The Corner Drugstore

    The Corner Drugstore

    Frank's Pharmacy still remains as "The Corner Drugstore" since its construction in 1872 by Frank Arnold and Henry Coy.

    Visitors will enjoy the "Old Time Soda Fountain"

  • Hotel Josephine

    Hotel Josephine

    Hotel Josephine is a reminder of the days when 14 passenger trains daily served the Holton community. The hotel was built by prominent Holtonian A.D. Walker in 1889

  • Free Public Library

    Free Public Library

    In 1901, the History and Literature Club, which had been organized in 1891

  • Sabetha Historic Library

    Sabetha Historic Library

    The Sabetha Library was built in the 1930s as one of the WPA projects.

  • Seneca Public Library

    Seneca Public Library

    Seneca\'s library is housed in an impressive historic \"old stone church\", built in 1867

  • Weaver Hotel

    The Hotel was built in 1905 and is on the National Historic Register. A bullet hole from a double bank robbery in 1910 can be seen today.

  • Opera House

    Opera House

    Opened in 1903 and is still in use for community activities. The interior was recently painted, and the chandelier has been refurbished to glow as it did in 1903. Tours available.

  • Historic Homes

    Historic Homes

    A variety of beautiful Victorian Homes. Powell Home (1895) on National Historic Register, Hall Home, Thorne Home, Thomas Home, and Virgin Home. Tours available.

  • Old Fashioned Hardware

    Old Fashioned Hardware

    The old fashioned hardware store on the historic courthouse square in Troy hasn'

  • Clay Center Post Office

    Clay Center Post Office

    The Clay Center Post Office is a stately building built in 1911

  • Band Shell

    Band Shell

    The Clay Center Municipal Band Shell was built in 1934, it is a W.P.A. project and is on the Kansas Register of Historic Places. The Band Shell hosts many City Band Concerts throughout the year.

  • Headquarters Area

    Headquarters Area

    Headquarters area buildings are named for Generals Sherman, Grant, and Sheridan. They were built from 1859 to 1904 and are on the site of the former soldiers burying ground.

  • U.S. Disciplinary Barracks

    U.S. Disciplinary Barracks

    The "DB," as it is known, was established as a military prison in 1873. The buildings inside date from 1863 to 1964. The DB is the only military maximum security facility. This USDB closed in 2003

  • Barth Hall and the "Beehive"

    Barth Hall and the

    Barth Hall, the building on the corner of Kearney and McCellan Avenues, was the home in 1881

  • Syracuse Houses

    Syracuse Houses

    The two frame houses are known as the Syracuse Houses because they were designed in 1855

  • Paola Community Center

    1914 renovated Ursuline Sisters Academy Boarding School. Currently hosts dinner theater, civic and municipal meetings, and educational events.

  • Ursuline Sisters Academy

    Ursuline Sisters Academy

    Home to the Sisters of Ursuline established in 1894, starting as a boarding school for Indians. Monumental cemetery, academy and farm buildings.

  • Paola Free Library

    Paola Free Library

    Established in 1872, over 30,000 materials.

  • The Alma Hotel

    The Alma Hotel

    Built in the late 1800

  • Alma City Office

    Alma City Office

    This beautiful and stately native stone building was once one of the finest building in town. It was built in the early 1880

  • Alma Antiques

    This beautiful two story stone building, built in the late 1800s originally housed a book store. Notice the date above the small doorway and the beautiful scroll work that is also around the doorway.

  • Hendricks Hardware

    This stone building was built in the middle 1870

  • The American Legion Building

    This brick building was built in 1936 as a memorial to the soldiers and sailors of Wabaunsee County. Currently it houses the Ed Palenske Post #32

  • Wabaunsee High School

    Wabaunsee High School

    WHS serves the communities of Alma, McFarland, Paxico and Maple Hill. It was constructed in 1938

  • City Well and Log Cabin

    City Well and Log Cabin

    The City Well is a hand dug well enclosed in a native stone building, which was built in 1930. Well No. 3

  • Greenwood Hotel

    Greenwood Hotel

    This brick building was dedicated in 1884. The original building, 50' x 100', consisted of three stories and a small basement. The addition to the east was built in 1923

  • Territorial Capitol

    Territorial Capitol

    In 1855, the nation wept for "Bleeding Kansas"

  • Trolley Station

    Trolley Station

    The Trolley Station was used as a baggage storage and waiting area for soldiers and families riding the inter-city trolley between Junction City and Fort Riley from 1901 until 1907. In 1907

  • Polk Hall

    Polk Hall

    Known in its early years as West Riding Hall, this building was completed in 1908 and served until after World War II as one of two indoor riding halls.

  • 1887 Olde Towne Restaurant

    1887 Olde Towne Restaurant

    The three-story Olde Towne building was completed in 1880, a year after Hillsboro was founded. It was restored in 1887

  • Round Barn

    Round Barn

    The Onaga Fair Association built this round barn in the1930

  • Lipton Hotel

    Lipton Hotel

    The Lipton Hotel was built in 1880

  • "Opera House"

    The old "Opera House" building was built in 1881. The second level of the building was used as a theater for commercial plays until about 1912-1915

  • Harris Building

    Harris Building

    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Originally build as a bank, until recently it housed the offices of the Harris'

  • Bohemian Hall

    The hall became the center for lodge meetings, wedding dances, public dances, plays, programs, church services and funerals. It was completed in 1937

  • 1873 Jail

    1873 Jail

    The old jail is the oldest building in Ellsworth. Earlier jails were temporary structures like cages. At other times, prisoners were housed in private homes. This jail was authorized on April 2 187

  • Barnard Library

    Barnard Library

    Constructed in 1937 as a WPA project, the library was originally established by Howard Barnard, pioneer educator. A display of Mr. Barnard'

  • Art Center Building

    Art Center Building

    The Grassroots Art Center has been open since 1995 and occupies three turn-of-the century native limestone buildings on the Main Street of Lucas.

  • Old Dutch Mill

    Old Dutch Mill

    The Old Dutch Mill was moved to Wagner Park in 1938 from its original site near Reamsville, northwest of Smith Center.

  • WaKeeney Municipal Building

    WaKeeney Municipal Building

    This attractive building, which houses the city administration office, was built in 1937 of native limestone.

  • Old Wilson State Bank Building

    Old Wilson State Bank Building

    The historic bank building was built in 1886

  • Ness County Bank Building

    Ness County Bank Building

    The four-story, 18,700 sq. ft. stone building at the intersection of Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, in Ness City, Kansas, was called, upon its completion in 1890, "

  • Osborne WPA Scout Cabin

    Osborne WPA Scout Cabin

    Built of native stone as a Works Progress Administration (WPA)project in 1936

  • Bank of Oberlin

    Bank of Oberlin

    The Bank of Oberlin is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This 1886

  • Carnegie Arts Center

    The original Carnegie Library was built in 1912, with the help of a $10,000.00

  • Opera House Building

    The Opera House Building was built in 1905 and presently is occupied by a local business.

  • Hardesty House

    Hardesty House

    The Hardesty House is a hotel with restaurant and club featuring historical motif. It is listed as one of the 10 best places to eat in Kansas. It is closed on Mondays.

  • Old Stockgrowers Bank

    Old Stockgrowers Bank

    The Old Stockgrowers State Bank Building is registered as a historic landmark by the United States Department of Commerce.

  • The Old Bank Gallery

    The Old Bank Gallery

    What used to be the First National Bank at Dighton is now being restored and currently houses the artwork of a local artist. It is listed on the State Register of Historic Places.

  • Hunter Drugstore & Old Fashioned Soda Fountain

    Hunter Drugstore & Old Fashioned Soda Fountain

    The original drugstore building was built in 1917 and until May 4, 2007 when the city of Greensburg was hit by an EF5

  • The Round Barn

    The Round Barn

    In 1912 Henry W. Fromme, a German immigrant, hired William "Pat" Campbell, a local carpenter, to build a large round barn to house 28

  • Round Red Barn

    Round Red Barn

    The Kearny County Historical Society has purchased the old, 12-sided barn on the west edge of Lakin. It was restored at its present site, and then moved to a foundation at the Museum Complex in 2001.

  • Old Commercial Hotel

    Old Commercial Hotel

    The Commercial Hotel built in 1883 and run by Mrs. W.P. Loucks, had a good trade. Mrs. Loucks, the genial hostess, was the pioneer hotel keeper of Lakin. She came here in 1879

  • G. L. Reid Building

    G. L. Reid Building

    The G. L. Reid Building, built in 1909 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was the lawyer's office.

  • State Bank Building

    State Bank Building

    The State Bank had its beginning with the town. It was founded as a private bank by James M. Harper, G. Douglas and J.C. Lutz. The three partners were rated with net assets of over $200,000

  • Wolf Building

    Wolf Building

    The Starr-Wolf Building constructed in 1894 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • I.O.O.F. Building

    I.O.O.F. Building

    The German influence in Ellinwood is spotted on the IOOF Building, originally the Roetzel building and now the Brown building. The foundation of the building was laid in June of 1886

  • Fred Harvey Building

    The historical Fred Harvey Building once housed a food processing plant for the Harvey House and dining cars. The building was vacant for the most part after the Harvey operations closed in the 1950

  • Old Mill Plaza

    The Old Mill Plaza was built in 1879 by Monarch Steam Mills. It was purchased in 1886 by Bernhard Warkentin, who needed the mill to grind the resilient Turkey Red hard winter wheat. In 1973

  • Newton Station

    Newton Station

    The Newton Station, completed in 1930, was built during the Depression for 350,000. Modeled after Shakespeare's house at Stratford-on-Avon, the Newton Station was home to a Harvey House between 1930

  • 500 Main Place

    500 Main Place

    Across the street from the Newton Station stands the historic Railroad Savings and Loan Building now known as 500 Main Place. The Railroad Savings and Loan Association, organized 30

  • Anderson Book & Office Supply

    Anderson Book and Office Supply was established in 1892 in a vacant lot at 420 N. Main. Phillip Murray Anderson opened a magazine and newspaper stand in a "piano box" 8 by 16

  • Axtell Hospital

    Axtell hospital was founded in 1887 by Dr. John T. Axtell and his wife, Lucena. The original wood frame hospital was gradually replaced by three brick additions constructed in 1905, 1911 and 1912

  • First National Bank Building

    First National Bank Building

    The First National Bank building is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

  • Municipal Auditorium

    The Memorial Auditorium downtown is an impressive memorial to the veterans of World War I. The Harlem Globetrotters have played here.

  • Davis Victorian Bed & Breakfast

    Davis Victorian Bed & Breakfast

    You won't want to miss the charm and elegance of this beautiful old Victorian home built in the 1870

  • St. Ann's Academy Infirmary & Guest House

    St. Ann's Academy Infirmary & Guest House

    Originally called the Infirmary and Guest House at St. Ann's Academy, the house was built in 1871-72 and was used as an infirmary of the Osage Mission, from 1872 till 1894

  • Hollow's St. Charles School House

    Hollow's St. Charles School House

    St. Charles Country School House is Sedan's most scenic setting with gazebo, winding board walk over a stream,and an outdoor theatre all in the hollow open to all. "The Hollow"

  • Hotel Stilwell

    Hotel Stilwell

    The Hotel Stilwell was built in 1880 and placed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places in 1980

  • Pittsburg Memorial Auditorium & Convention Center

    The Pittsburg Memorial Auditorium and Convention Center was dedicated on November 20th, 1925 as a Shrine Mosque. The outer structure was fairly ordinary except the entrance?

  • Parsons Municipal Auditorium

    Parsons Municipal Auditorium

    The Parsons Municipal Auditorium is a classic, 1920s-era civic auditorium. For more than 50

  • Garnett House

    The Lighthouse Hotel was the first hotel in Garnett, built in 1858.

  • Opera House/Liberty Hall

    Opera House/Liberty Hall

    Liberty Hall was rebuilt in 1911 as Bowersock Opera House after fire destroyed the original Liberty Hall. Renovated in the 1980

  • Johnston Public Library

    Johnston Public Library

    The grand old building was entered on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. Built in 1872

  • Perkins Building

    Perkins Building

    Located in the Perkins Building, the Condon Bank was one of the two banks robbed during the Dalton Raid in 1892. Today this building has been restored and is listed as a National Historical Landmark.

  • Midland Theater

    Midland Theater

    Built in the 1928

  • Historic Register Buildings

    Coffeyville has several buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings, including the Brown Mansion, Perkins Buildings, site of the infamous Dalton Raid;

  • IOOF Hall

    IOOF Hall

    The IOOF Hall in Lebo was one place where folks went to have a good time. For years after its dedication in 1899

  • The First National Bank of LeRoy

    The First National Bank of LeRoy

    The bank, constructed in the late 1800

  • The Bank of Aliceville

    The Bank of Aliceville

    Time has stood still for the Farmers State Bank in Aliceville. It has been in business since 1908. The ornate oak tellers'

  • Bank of Waverly

    Bank of Waverly

    This historical building in Waverly was built about 1883 as a private bank by Mr. Senior and Mr. Fisher. In 1892, it was sold and became known as the Bank of Waverly. On January 27, 1893

  • Points of Interest

    Points of Interest

    1887 Bank - The Howard National Bank was organized in 1877, with the existing building built in 1887

  • The Wichita Scottish Rite

    The Wichita Scottish Rite

    Spanning over one hundred years of Wichita'

  • Post Office

    Built in 1918, the Girard Post Office was the smallest first class post office built at the time because of the huge volume of mail shipped from the Appeal To Reason newspaper.

  • Appeal to Reason Site

    A large brick building was on this site and was used by the Appeal To Reason newspaper in 1896. Its publisher was J.A. Wayland, a Socialist. About 750,000 copies were mailed out weekly in 1913

  • S & W Supply

    Slawson & Wilson Supply is the oldest known business in Girard that is still using its original equipment. S & W Supply manufactures metal grave markers for shipment all across the United States.

  • Ice Barn and McFarland Lake

    Ice was harvested from the McFarland Lake and stored in this lovely old stone barn built in 1896. It was built for James McFarland who was in the ice buisiness.

  • Memorial Library

    Memorial Library

    The Nora E. Larabee Memorial Library is a memorial to the only daughter of two of the town'

  • I.O.O.F Building

    I.O.O.F Building

    The Inman public library is housed in a historic old limestone building originally built in 1893

  • 1878 Sage Inn & Stagecoach Station

    1878 Sage Inn & Stagecoach Station

    Old stone country inn was built in 1865 along Mission Creek where wagons could ford the stream (about 15 miles southwest of Topeka, Kansas). In 1878

  • Sage General Store

    Sage General Store

    See a still functioning General Store that was built in 1898 by Alfred Sage, Innkeeper at the 1878

  • Hotel and Stage Coach Stop

    Hotel and Stage Coach Stop

    This 1889 Hotel and Stage Coach Stop was constructed from native sandstone quarried from Chochran's Hill north of Caney. The basement was used to store winter ice cut from the Caney River.

  • Old Bank

    Old Bank

    The 1904 limestone building was originally built for Potwin'

  • Douglass Community Building

    Douglass Community Building

    The building listed on the National Register of Historic Places was constructed in 1938 of native stone for the WPA (Works Projects Administration)

  • Gilday Gas Station

    Gilday Gas Station

    One of the identifying icons of the 20

  • Power Plant

    Power Plant

    The city of Osage City is home to the oldest municipal power plant in Kansas. The plant has been in service for well-over 100

  • WPA Beach House

    The WPA Beach House at Gardner Lake is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Memorial Hall

    Memorial Hall

    For more than 50 years, Memorial Hall has been the cornerstone of Kansas City entertainment. This 3,300

  • Township Hall

    Township Hall

    Construction for the Township Hall started in 1934 as a Works Progress Administration Project (WPA) with completion and dedication in 1939

  • Cummins Block Building - NHR

    Cummins Block Building - NHR

    The Cummins Block Building with ornate limestone and arched windows was built in 1881 in Lincoln, Kansas and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Old Mill

    The Old Mill was built in the late 1800'

  • Swedish Pavilion

    Swedish Pavilion

    The Swedish Pavilion is one of seven historic buildings on display at the Old Mill Heritage Square. The Swedish Pavilion was Sweden's exhibit at the 1904 World'

  • Blacksmith Coffee Roastery

    Blacksmith Coffee Roastery

    Every Fourth of July, one of the original owners, Janne Johnson of the old Holmberg - Johnson Blacksmith and Wagon Shop, would carry two large anvils outside the shop and at 4:30