Kansas Historic Churches

  • The First Presbyterian Church

    The First Presbyterian Church

    Designed by Charles W. Squires and built in 1897

  • Beecher Bible and Rifle Church

    The church was established in late June, 1857

  • Clarice L. Osborne Memorial Chapel

    Clarice L. Osborne Memorial Chapel

    This chapel's history takes a little more than a glance to read, but the story of its transport from a small town in England to its resurrection at Baker University is remarkable.

    In 1864

  • Edmonds Chapel

    Edmonds Chapel

    Edmonds Chapel stood 4 1/2 miles north of McLouth, Kansas, for more than 75 years. Edmonds Church was an affiliate of the United Brethren in Christ (UB)

  • Historic Churches

    Historic Churches

    1st Babtist Church (pictured) - Romanesque Revival Style 4th and Hickory

    United Methodist Church - 1903 3

  • First Presbyterian Church

    First Presbyterian Church

    The First Presbyterian Church, built over 112 years ago, is the site of a unique presentation of Tiffany Windows. Adorning the sanctuary is the rare artwork of America'

  • Lutheran Church

    Lutheran Church

    Built in 1857, the Reverand J. B. McAfee's little Lutheran Church was the first Lutheran Church west of the Missouri River. It 1891 it was moved to its present location from three blocks north.

  • St. Benedict's Abbey Church

    St. Benedict's Abbey Church

    Benedictine monks established St. Benedict's Abbey in the late 1850s. Today about 40 monks reside at the abbey on the northern edge of Benedictine College. The historic complex is listed in the

  • Chapels at Mount St. Scholastica Convent

     Chapels at Mount St. Scholastica Convent

    The Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica have been in Atchison since 1863 and at their present location since 1877. St. Scholastica Chapel was dedicated in 1938, the 75

  • Trinity Episcopal Church

    Trinity Episcopal Church

    This charming limestone building was completed in 1868 according to plans of Richard Upjohn, who also designed Trinity Church on New York'

  • St. Patrick's Church

    St. Patrick's Church

    St. Patrick's is the oldest Catholic structure in continous use in Kansas by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City. In the spring of 1857, St. Patrick'

  • First Baptist Church

    First Baptist Church

    The First Baptist Church is located at 1101 Central Avenue and was charted November 16, 1887, with eleven members. The present church was built in 1915

  • United Methodist Church

    United Methodist Church

    The original "Newman" Methodist Episcopal Church was dedicated January 6, 1889, honoring Bishop Newman. The brick structure located at the corner of 10

  • St. Leo's Catholic Church

    St. Leo's Catholic Church

    The cornerstone for the present church was laid August 4, 1915 and the structure was dedicated May 15, 1916 by the Most Reverend Bishop Ward of Leavenworth in the presence of 25

  • St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church

    St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church

    Located in the town of St. Benedict, this church was built in 1891-1894 and is on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Memorial Chapel

    Memorial Chapel

    Built in 1878 by prison labor from stone quarried on the post and, today, is considered to be an outstanding architectural "gem" in this area.

  • St. Ignatius Chapel

    St. Ignatius Chapel

    The St. Ignatius Chapel was built here in 1889 and replaced the original chapel which had been built near here in 1871. Historical Marker (1967) - "

  • Eisenhower Dept. of Veterans Affairs Medical Cntr.

    Eisenhower Dept. of Veterans Affairs Medical Cntr.

    While visiting the Veterans Administration Center and its grounds, you will want to see the Chapel of Veteran's. The Chapel, built in 1893

  • Old Stone Church

    Old Stone Church

    One of the first churches in Kansas, this church was built by a Congregationalist group and is typical of the church structures built during pioneer days in Kansas.

  • Peace United Church of Christ

    Peace United Church of Christ

    This native stone church was erected in 1881. Peter Land and August Beutel were responsible for the construction of the church. The bell and tower were added in 1897

  • Alma United Methodist Church

    Alma United Methodist Church

    This wood frame church was built and dedicated to the Glory of God in 1878

  • Holy Family Catholic Church

    Holy Family Catholic Church

    The construction of this native stone church was the result of the original frame church burning. The cornerstone of this church was laid August 27, 1899 in the new native rock structure measuring 44

  • St. John Lutheran Church

    This beautiful native stone church was built in 1907

  • United Methodist Church

    United Methodist Church

    The cornerstone of the first frame church was laid in 1868. It must have taken a while to erect the first church, as it was not finished until 1870. That church was destroyed by a tornado in 1873

  • Christian Congregational Church

    Christian Congregational Church

    The Congregational Church was Built in Gothic style of architecture in 1888

  • St. Mary's College (Originally St. Mary's Mission)

    St. Mary's College (Originally St. Mary's Mission)

    A Brief History of St. Mary's Mission St. Marys, Kansas

  • Bethany Lutheran Church

    Bethany Lutheran Church

    The interior of this historic church is reminiscent of churches in rural Sweden with a hand-crafted altar and large oil paintings.

  • Episcopal Church of the Covenant

    Episcopal Church of the Covenant

    This historic limestone church was built in 1859 and is the oldest Episcopal Church in continuous use in Kansas.

  • First Baptist Church

    First Baptist Church

    The First Baptist Church was organized in Junction City on November5, 1865. This building was dedicated January 27, 1867, and served as the Baptist Church until the adjacent building was occupied in 1

  • St. Mary's Chapel

    St. Mary's Chapel

    As the first stone church in Kansas, the original building was constructed by the Episcopalians in the mid 1850'

  • Historic Mennonite Brethren Church

    Historic Mennonite Brethren Church

    This is the oldest Mennonite Brethren church building in the United States. Built in 1893, it was the first classroom of Tabor College, a Mennonite Brethren liberal arts college.

  • Presbyterian Church

    Presbyterian Church

    The distinction of being the oldest church organization in Marion County belongs to the Presbyterian Church of Marion, which is also listed on the State Register of Historic Buildings.

  • St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

    St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

    The lots for the Catholic Church were purchased on November 22, 1881. The original frame building was used as a place of worship until 1948 when the present stone church was completed. The 400

  • The Congregational Church - 1906

    When Onaga was but a year old, the Congregationalists started a church building. The church actually started in Vienna. services had been held there until March 1878

  • The Methodist - Episcopal Church - 1879

    The Methodist-Episcopal Church was organized in 1879, in connection with the Havensville charge. The appointment remained a part of the Havensville charge until 1886

  • St. Isidore's Catholic Church

    St. Isidore's Catholic Church

    Through the faith, love and caring of our Parish families, we will continue on at our small parish of St. Isidore's Cathoic Church. In 1870

  • St. John's Catholic Church

    St. John's Catholic Church

    A structure built of native limestone completed in 1904

  • Hopewell Church

    Hopewell Church was originally located southwest of Beloit. Parts of the church building are 111 years old. Founded in 1876 as a Presbyterian Congregation which met in homes for a while, a 24 x 40

  • United Methodist Church Organ

    United Methodist Church Organ

    Built in 1886, the Cawker City United Methodist Church Organ is the oldest church organ in Kansas. Henry Pilcher'

  • The Organ Factory

    The Organ Factory

    The historic Baptist Church of 1890 is now home to Richardson's Organ Factory. Tour the factory and learn about organ design from a European-trained organ master.

  • Nazareth Motherhouse

    Nazareth Motherhouse

    Known as the beacon light of Concordia, the well-known rose window looks over the community from the convent. It is the official Motherhouse and Home for the 260

  • St. Mary's Church

    St. Mary's Church

    The cornerstone of this magnificient church was laid on June 27, 1909 being of black granite (1'x2'x2'6") and weighing nearly 1000 pounds. About the middle of August 1911

  • St. Joseph's Kirche

    St. Joseph's Kirche

    At first, church services for Liebenthal residents were held in homes or in the open air (weather permitting)

  • The First Christian Church

    The First Christian Church

    The First Christian Church of Plainville was first dedicated in 1930, but services in the present structure didn't begin until 1937 when the upstairs was completed.

  • Emanuel Lutheran Church

    Emanuel Lutheran Church

    The Emanuel Lutheran Church was constructed in 1902

  • Historic Churches

    Historic Churches

    The third building for the St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church was erected in 1911 of veneered brick. It is named for Svaty Vaclay, St. Wenceslaus, the patron saint of Bohemia.

  • St. John's Catholic Church

    St. John's Catholic Church

    St. John's Catholic church built in 1908

  • Ye Olde Country Church

    Ye Olde Country Church

    The Church was built by the First German Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel Church congregation in 1914. The original pump organ that was purchased and placed in the church in 1914

  • The Community Church

    The Community church was organized in 1872, and constructed the following year at a cost of $2,000. The church had a starting membership of 15

  • Episcopal Church

    Episcopal Church

    The Church of Transfiguration was constructed in 1890

  • AME Church

    AME Church

    Area residents founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E.) in 1879. Members initially met in a sod structure. In 1885, the sod church was replaced with a limestone structure. In 1910

  • Sts. Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church

    Sts. Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church

    This wonderful structure was built in 1906

  • Stevens Chapel

    Begun in 1892, by J.R. Stevens at the inspiration of his wife, "Aunt"

  • St. Mary's Catholic Church

    St. Mary's Catholic Church

    St. Mary's Catholic Church was built in 1917 using concrete blocks that were all hand made by the congregation. It'

  • Lone Star Presbyterian Church

    Lone Star Presbyterian Church

    The Lone Star Presbyterian Church denotes the strong religious faith of the settlers. The Charming white country church was built in 1915 north of Gem, Kansas. In 1988

  • Early Methodist Church

    Early Methodist Church

    The Early Methodist Church was built in 1905-1906 and was the second church built in Hugoton. Currently the church is being used by St. Timothy's Episcopal Church congregation each Sunday.

  • Historic Churches

    Historic Churches

    The Lakin Christian Church was organized in 1901 in the old courthouse building, and the existing building was dedicated in 1908.

  • First Baptist Church

    First Baptist Church

    When the original First Baptist Church of Protection was built in 1908, it was a wood frame structure that was the largest and best in the country at that time. In 1953

  • Saint Martin's Church

    Saint Martin's Church

    St. Martin's Catholic church was built in 1924 in the style of old Spanish Missions. It's a beautiful old stucco and terra-cotta building with the mural "King of Kings and Lord of Lords" inside.

  • Congregation Church

    Built in 1913

  • Methodist Church

    Methodist Church

    A wood frame building was built to be the first church in Sylvia. In 1911

  • Conway Springs Churches

    Conway Springs Churches

    Five churches are active in the Conway Springs community: First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

  • St. Joseph Catholic Church

    St. Joseph Catholic Church

    St. Joseph Catholic Church with its 150 foot steeple was built of native limestone, quarried near Odin, Kansas. The church was completed and the first Mass was offered Aug. 13, 1902.

  • Old Congregational Church

    Old Congregational Church

    The Old Congregational Church, an 1873

  • St. Francis Xavier Church

    St. Francis Xavier Church

    The St. Francis Xavier Church is one of Burlington's older churches, built in 1901. It replaced a frame building built in 1871.Parishioners excavated a basement beneath the existing building in 1954

  • Prairie View Church

    Prairie View Church

    The Prairie View Church is over 90 years old. It was named the "Rural Church of the Year" in 1982

  • Little White Churches

    Oldest in the area, these charming clapboard structures were built in 1879 (now Calvary Chapel), and in 1880 (United Methodist)

  • Historic Churches

    Wesleyan Church - In 1879

  • Presbyterian Church

    This historic church building was built in 1887 after the previous church had been destroyed by a tornado.

  • Historic Presbyterian Church

    Historic Presbyterian Church

    The first and only Presbyterian Church was built in 1886. The building remained unchanged until 1920 when the building was raised to put a basement underneath.

  • Historic Episcopal Church

    Historic Episcopal Church

    The Episcopal Church of the Ascension was finished in 1909. It wasa Mission church of the Independence Diocese of the Episcopal Church under the Bishop of the Wichita Diocese.

  • Historic St. Ignatious

    Historic St. Ignatious

    The St. Ignatious Church originated in 1876 and the present church was built in 1912.

  • Evangelical Covenant Church

    The Evangelical Covenant Church is listed on the State Historic Register

  • Scandia United Methodist Church

    Scandia United Methodist Church

    The 1915 church building and the original church of 1877, were under the Swedish Methodist Episcopal Conference. In 1925, the combined charge of Providence Chapel (a country church)

  • Amana Lutheran Church

    Amana Lutheran Church

    The Amana Lutheran Church was founded in 1873

  • Presbyterian Church

    Presbyterian Church

    Organized 1874

  • White Church Christian Church

    White Church Christian Church

    White Church Christian Church was established in 1832 and is known as the oldest church in the state of Kansas that is still in use. The native stone church includes 21

  • St.Paul's Episcopal Church

    A Historic church founded in 1857

  • Wendell Church

    Wendell Church

    The Church was built in Edwards County at Wendell in 1881. It was moved to Centerview in 1917. In September 1967

  • First Baptist Church

    First Baptist Church

    Several structures in succession, all at the same location, housed the congregation of the First Baptist Church from its founding in 1877

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church

    Evangelical Lutheran Church

    The Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church was built by Danish immigrants who settled in Denmark, Kansas in 1869 and 1870. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Historic Church Tours

    Historic Church Tours

    There are more historic German Catholic churches in Ellis County then any other county in Kansas. They were built of native limestone over 100

  • Gridley Christian Church

    Gridley Christian Church

    The Gridley Christian Church was first organized about 1890 as a Disciples of Christ Christian Church. Services were held in the building that housed Bahr Hardware. In the summer of 1895

  • Reno Methodist Church

    Reno Methodist Church

    The original Reno Methodist Church was opened August 16, 1891 at a cost of $1,900