Oklahoma Historic Buildings

  • Price Tower

    Circa 1956, The 19-story glass and copper skyscraper by Frank Lloyd Wright. The design is based on a diamond module of 30 and 60 degree triangles.

  • 1903 IOOF Home

    1903 IOOF Home

    One Checotah National Historic Landmark which continues the service which began just after the turn of the century is the IOOF Home. In 1902, a farm of 160 acres and $5,000

  • Radium Town and the Keller Bath House

    Radium Town and the Keller Bath House

    An area in the north section of Claremore was once known as RADIUM TOWN. George Eaton owned the first oil company in town. In 1903, he was drilling east of town for oil or gas. Instead, he found a "

  • Old Armory

    Old Armory

    The Oklahoma National Guard Armory was built by the WPA in 1936 during President Franklin D. Roosevelt'

  • 1903 Building

    1903 Building

    This interesting building is located on the corner of south Lee across from the Fort Gibson State Bank.

  • Marland Oils Building

    Marland Oils Building

    Hominy's 1921 Marland service station is one of the few surviving examples of the popular triangle design utilized by the old Marland Oil Company (now Conoco)

  • Rexall Drug Store

    Rexall Drug Store

    Constructed in 1907, the building has always served the community as a drug store. Its affiliation with Rexall dates to the 1920

  • Clark Hardware

    Having been in business since 1938, Clark Hardware was originally located in the Old Farmers Supply Building. In 1949

  • "Skyscraper"

    The Commerce Building, Okmulgee's Skycraper, was built by the Commerce Investment Company in 1921

  • Okmulgee Library

    Okmulgee Library

    The Okmulgee Public Library, organized in 1907 by a local women's civic organization, was incorporated in 1910, and became a department of the City in 1914

  • Pawhuska City Hall

    Pawhuska City Hall

    City Hall is located in the building which was the first Osage Tribal Council House. The present stone building, built in 1894

  • Kennedy Building

    Kennedy Building

    The Kennedy Building was once the Citizen's National Bank Building. The building was donated to Osage County in 1976

  • WPA Historic Bathhouse

    WPA Historic Bathhouse

    Once again, one can almost hear the summertime laughter echoing through the various levels and verandas of this uniquely designed bathhouse carved from native stone in 1939

  • Cherokee National Prison

    Cherokee National Prison

    This sandstone building was erected in 1874 and originally had three stories. The third story was removed in 1925

  • Seminary Hall at Northeastern State University

    Seminary Hall at Northeastern State University

    This four-year regional university has a long and colorful heritage which began in 1846

  • Red Rock Records Vault

    Red Rock Records Vault

    Built in 1908, the red rock records vault survived the courthouse fire in 1916

  • Guard House

    Guard House

    The 1892 Guard House was the only brick building built during the military occupation of Fort Supply, and is today the museum and crown jewel among the five military structures.

  • Teamster's Cabin

    Teamster's Cabin

    The Teamster's Cabin is a rare example of a common frontier building. In the early 1880

  • Commanding Officer's Quarters

    Commanding Officer's Quarters

    The COQ was built as a residence for the Army officer commanding Fort Supply. He and his family lived in relative comfort in the ten rooms that included a servant'

  • Officers' QuartersOfficers' Quarters

    Officers' QuartersOfficers' Quarters

    The Officers' Quarters is a story-and-a-half frame clapboard building. The duplex is one of eight similar buildings erected between 1882 and 1883. Six were located on "Officers' Row"

  • The Powder Monkey's House

    The Powder Monkey's House

    Like the Teamster's Cabin, the powder monkey's house dates to about 1870

  • Armory Building

    Armory Building

    The Armory Building was built in 1936 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Rose Building - 1911

    Rose Building - 1911

    Mr. Rose built a two-story brick building in 1911

  • Hooper Drug Store - 1906

    Hooper Drug Store - 1906

    At the corner of Main & Noble you will find Stewart Real Estate and H & R Block. It hasn't always been that way. In 1906

  • Temptations


    While you are strolling the streets and enjoying history you may like to stop by Temptations and see what is in store for you. In 1986

  • Barbara's - 1892

    Barbara's - 1892

    The first owner purchased this building from the US Government in 1892

  • Watonga Floral and Antique Mall - 1892

    Watonga Floral and Antique Mall - 1892

    Built before the turn of the century this building was purchased in 1892. In 1917 it became a clothing store and remained a clothing store until 1970

  • Land Office Building/ Post Office

    Land Office Building/ Post Office

    This was the United States Land Office site for filing claims at the opening of "Old Oklahoma," April 22, 1889, and also at the opening of the Cheyenne and Arapaho lands on April 19, 1892

  • Pioneer Telephone Building

    Pioneer Telephone Building

    This building was constructed in 1900 by the Anheuser Busch Brewing Association of St. Louis, Missouri. In 1922

  • Kumback Cafe

    Kumback Cafe

    The Kumback Cafe is one of the oldest cafes in Oklahoma. It has been in business for over 72 years and is the pride of the community with it art deco design.

  • The Joseph Foucart Building

    The Joseph Foucart Building

    Perhaps the most striking building in the downtown Perry business district area is the two-story red brick structure listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • The Masonic Building

    The Masonic Building

    The three story building was built in 1924

  • The Christoph Block Building

    The Christoph Block Building

    Charles Christoph built this building in 1900

  • The Famous Store

    The Famous Store

    James Lobsitz founded the Famous Store in October of 1893 in a modest frame building a half a block east of the present building. His general merchandise business prospered and he erected the 50 by 90

  • The Pancoast Building

    The Pancoast Building

    J.A.. Pancoast, a lawyer, erected this building in approximately 1905

  • The Evans Buildings

    These two buildings were built by J.E. Evans of whom not much is now known. The building on the east was the first brick building on the square built in the spring of 1895

  • The Wolleson-Nicewander Building

    The Wolleson-Nicewander Building

    Originally the "Boston Store" built in 1894 and it was one of the first permanent buildings of stone on the square. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Farmers and Merchants State Bank

    First black bank in America, originally built in 1906 and rebuilt in the 1920s. Pretty Boy Floyd's gang once tried a robbery, but were thwarted by citizens.

  • Boley High School

    Boley's school system was begun in 1909, and the existing school was built in 1930s.

  • Route 66 Gas Station

    Route 66 Gas Station

    On the north end of the business district, look for the peaked roof of the vintage 1930's Phillips 66 station. Although no longer in use, the building reminds us of travel down the historic Route 66

  • Clapp-Cunningham Building

    Clapp-Cunningham Building

    National Register of Historic Places The building was building 1899 by L. W. Clapp, Wichita, Kansas financier and mayor. The architecture is termed "Richardson-Romanesque"

  • Chandler High School

    Chandler High School

    National Register of Historic Places Built by the WPA in 1942 of native limestone.

  • The Mascho Buildings

    The Mascho Buildings

    National Register of Historic Places The oldest commercial buildings in Lincoln County, these sandstone "twin" buildings were built by pioneer merchant, A.E. Macho in 1897 and 1898

  • The Wolcott Building

    The Wolcott Building

    National Register of Historic Places A typical example of a Victorian storefront with angled doorway and iron column, this two-story building built in 1903

  • Yukon's Best Flour and Grain Co

    Restored in 1989, sign atop Yukon'

  • Stroud Library

    Circa 1929;

  • Scottish Rite Temple

    Among the largest Masonic buildings in the world.

  • Morris House

    Circe 1904, the only remaining building from Langston's territorial period, Formerly a boarding house for Oklahoma's Colored Agricultural and Normal College.

  • Old Chicken Houses

    Once the largest poultry colony west of the Mississippi; many of its chicken houses still remain. Locations at 11007 Jeffords Ave, 11101 Draper Dr, 2512 Ives Way

  • WPA Armory

    Okemah's WPA Armory was built in the 1930's during the depression as part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt'

  • Okemah Public Library

    Okemah Public Library

    The Okemah Public Library is located in a historic rock building constructed with the aid of WPA funds. Enjoying a scenic view of Okemah'

  • WPA Pecan Bowl

    Built during the depression as part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's WPA program, the construction of Okemah'

  • Bohemian Hall

    Bohemian Hall

    The Bohemian Hall, listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings

  • Wewoka Library

    Wewoka Library

    One of the most beautiful small libraries of Oklahoma belongs to Wewoka. Founded in 1929, its architecture is reminiscent of New England. It has been recently renovated, and listed on the

  • Scottish Rite Masonic Temple

    Scottish Rite Masonic Temple

    The largest Masonic temple in the state houses a library/museum, a costume room, and a 1930 Kimball organ with over 3,100

  • Masonic Lodge

    Masonic Lodge

    The Masonic Lodge of Pauls Valley is the oldest enterprise in Pauls Valley in continuous existence. Valley Lodge #6 was chartered on September 7th, 1875

  • Old Federal Court Building

    The old Federal Court Building is the County's oldest permanent structure and now houses the City Hall.

  • Hardy Murphy Coliseum

    Hardy Murphy Coliseum

    Numerous western events take place in this WPA-era stone building and arena, named for "Mr. Ardmore,"

  • Old Plantation Restaurant

    Old Plantation Restaurant

    Medicine Park, unique with its eccentric cobble buildings, was originally founded on July 4th, 1908 by Oklahoma Senator Elmer Thomas. Medicine Park was Oklahoma'

  • Mangum Library & Genealogy Center - WPA

    Mangum Library & Genealogy Center - WPA

    The Native stone building was built in 1936

  • Old City Hall

    Old City Hall

    The building was constructed for the use as the City Hall in 1912 by the City Administration. All city offices were located there, including the 2

  • City Hall

    City Hall

    1910 Building.

  • Apache Municipal Building

    Apache Municipal Building

    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Mohawk Trading Post

    First Indian trading post in Oklahoma.

  • Old Cordell National Bank Building

    Old Cordell National Bank Building

    The old Cordell National Bank Building with its corner entrance has been a financial center during most of its 95+

  • First National Bank Building

    First National Bank Building

    . L. Hull, long-time president of the First National Bank, was instrumental in the construction of both the old First National Bank Building in 1909-1910 and the Carnegie Library in 1911

  • Florence Hospital

    Florence Hospital

    This photo shows the 1911-1912

  • North Block Buildings

    This row of buildings, built between 1907 and 1912

  • Armory Building

    Armory Building

    The Tonkawa Armory was built by the WPA in 1936

  • Electric Park Pavilion

    Electric Park Pavilion

    The Electric Park Pavilion, listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Blackwell Library

    Blackwell Library

    The library features Roman/

  • Blackwell City Hall

    Blackwell City Hall

    Built in 1909

  • Blackwell Armory

    Blackwell Armory

    The Blackwell Armory with it Art Deco architecture was built in 1925, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Pawnee Bathhouse & Pool

    This beautiful, historic 1939

  • The Hughes Building and Hughes Jewelry

    The Hughes Building and Hughes Jewelry

    Originally the National Bank of Commerce (est 1902) with a Victorian red brick exterior, this historic Frederick building has for some 70 years now been clad with the beige 'deco'