Nebraska Museums

  • Neligh Mills State Historic Site

    Nebraska State Historical Society branch museum. Nebraska's only 19th century flour mill with

  • Boone County Historical Society Museum

    Boone County Historical Society Museum

    The Boone County Historical Society Museum has many indoor and outdoor exhibits that many will find to be both

  • Swedish Heritage Center

    Swedish Heritage Center

    The Swedish Heritage Center is housed in the beautiful former Swedish mission Covenant Church building. Oakland's own Swedish museum and gift shop was opened in 1989

  • Burt County Museum

    Burt County Museum

    The Burt County Museum is located in the E.C. Houston House built for Emsley Clinton Houston. Houston was the owner and founder of the

  • Cedar County Historical Museum

    Cedar County Historical Museum

    The original museum was built as a private home in 1900. The house was donated to the Historical Society in 1964 by the A. K. Lammers daughters. Since that time, the Society has collected a

  • Cuming County Historical Society Museum Complex

    Cuming County Historical Society Museum Complex

    The Museum Complex includes a depot museum, one-room school house museum (formerly District #34), the former St. Mathew's Lutheran Church building, Drinklage machinery building, and a caboose.

  • Cuming County Historical Society

    Cuming County Historical Society 227 N Main St. West Point, NE 68778 (402) 372-3401 Cumin County Clerks Office (in case she has been too busy to respond or is not there.

  • Cuming County Historical Society

    Rootsweb:::::::::::::: Cuming County was formed by a territorial act approved March 16, 1855. Boundaries were redefined February 12, 1857 and again January 10, 1862

  • Sergeant Floyd River Museum and Welcome Center

    Sergeant Floyd River Museum and Welcome Center

    Board the M.V. Sergeant Floyd and begin a journey into the region's maritime history. Built in 1932

  • O'Connor House Museum

    O'Connor House Museum

    The two-story, brick house, located near Homer, was designed and built by Cornelius O'Connor, an Irish immigrant. O'

  • Combs School Museum

    Combs School Museum

    The Combs School was erected in 1887 at Omadi. The Missouri River began to undermine the town, so it was moved to Tom Smith'

  • Cook's Blacksmith Shop Museum

    Cook's Blacksmith Shop Museum

    The blacksmith shop was built in 1901 by C.O. Cook, who operated his business for over thirty years. The building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Adam's House Museum

    Adam's House Museum

    The Adam's House was built in 1882 by E.D. Ayers, a druggist in Ponca in the nineteenth century. In 1904

  • Louis E. May Historical Museum

    Louis E. May Historical Museum

    The original portion of the Museum structure, in the Italiante Revival style, was built by Fremont'

  • Musbach Museum

    Musbach Museum

    Originally the Milligan Dry Goods store built in 1884, the museum opened in 1973

  • Niobrara Museum

    Niobrara Museum

    Included in the displays and items of our interesting past in the museum are:

    • Collections of items from Niobrara and surrounding area
  • Elkhorn Valley Museum and Research Center

    This museum showcases the Elkhorn Valley's history, with many displays and photographs. Square-turn tractor, ag equipment, doctor's office, Elkhorn Valley

  • Genoa Historical Museum

    Genoa Historical Museum

    The Genoa Museum contains one of the largest collections of Pawnee weapons, tools, relics, and artifacts. The Exhibit is from the Allen B. Atkins Collection.

  • Pierce Historical Society Museum

    Buildings include an old railroad depot, rural school house, a blacksmith shop and a farm

  • Platte County Historical Society Museum

    Features the complete 1857 log cabin of Frederick Gottschalk, one of Columbus' founders, turn-of-the-century barbershop, and county school room.

  • Knight Museum & Sandhills Center

    The Knight Museum & Sandhills Center is located in Alliance'

  • Dawes County Historical Society Museum

    Genealogy & history research library, log house & barn, school, church &

  • Mari Sandoz Heritage Room

    Chadron State College Administration Building, 2

  • Museum of the Fur Trade

    This first industry of the West involved Native Americans with trappers and traders of several nationalities. The Bordeaux Trading Post, built in 1837

  • Fort Robinson Museum

    Fort Robinson Museum

    Welcome to Fort Robinson, an active U.S. Military post from 1874 - 1948, now a Nebraska State Park. From Crazy Horse to Olympic horsemen, Fort Robinson'

  • Trailside Museum

    Trailside Museum

    Located at Fort Robinson State Park at the University of Nebraska State Museum at Trailside, you can view paleontology and geology exhibits on Nebraska's rich fossil history. A 14

  • Dawes County Historical Museum

    Dawes County Historical Museum

    The Dawes County Historical Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the history of the northwest portion of Nebraska it calls home. The Museum grounds include the log house and barn, 1890

  • The Museum of the Fur Trade

    The Museum of the Fur Trade

    The museum is dedicated to preserving the rich history of the North American fur trade and is located three miles east of Chadron, Nebraska, on U. S. Highway

  • Mari Sandoz Room Museum

    This museum on Gordon's Main Street is rich in pioneer history, which is documented by native author, Mari Sandoz, eldest daughter of "Old Jules Sandoz."

  • Scamahorn Museum

    Scamahorn Museum

    The Scamahorn Museum is the 1884

  • Tri State Old Time Cowboys Memorial Museum

    Tri State Old Time Cowboys Memorial Museum

    The 40 foot by 80 foot log building was constructed in 1969 as a testimonial to the rugged western

  • Rushville Museum

    Rushville Museum

    The Rushville Museum moved in to the 1890 Armstrong House in 1960

  • Heritage Center Museums

    Heritage Center I - 1884 Methodist Church - The original church was purchased by the Sheridan County Historical Society and Hay Springs Committee in 1967

  • Sheridan County Historical Museum

    The complete story of Camp Sheridan and the Spotted Tail Agency can be found here, along with numerous exhibits showing life on the frontier.

  • Sioux County Museum

    Sioux County Museum

    Welcome to the Sioux County Museum Complex. Four Buildings contain artifacts representative of the character and history of Sioux County from its earliest days into the 20th century.


  • Cass County Historical Society Museum

    Tells the history of Cass County since 1854, the year the county was opened for settlement. Permanent displays depict various stages in the county's history and are supplemented by

  • Aldrich House Museum

    Aldrich House Museum

    Visit the historical home of nationally renowned author and one of Nebraska's most widely read and enjoyed authors. Bess Streeter Aldrich, author of "A Lantern in Her Hand,"

  • Clay County Museum

    Clay County Museum

    The Clay County Historical Society is proud to welcome you to their fine museum complex which was made a reality in 1980 to exhibit and protect the county's artifacts and archival materials.


  • Trauger's Old Timers' Museum

    Beginning in 1968, Bob and Shirley Trauger hosted "Old Timers' Day" in Trauger's Grove near Exeter every August. Housed in Trauger's Old Timers' Museum, whose motto is "

  • Fillmore County Museum

    Fillmore County Museum

    Can you visualize sitting at a soda fountain sipping a frothy or fizzy concoction? Or waiting to see the doctor in the early 1900s? It'

  • Strang Museum

    Strang Museum

    Formerly Hamilton Township Hall, built in 1889, the museum building was used for transacting area business, as a voting site, and for religious activities in the 1890

  • Gage County Museum

    Gage County Museum

    Gage County Historical Society and Museum is housed in the Burlington Railroad Depot built in 1906

  • Johnson Cabin Museum

    Johnson Cabin Museum

    This 165 year old pioneer cabin listed on the National Register of Historic Places became the Johnson Cabin Museum in 1950. The first settlers arrived in Gage County in the 1850

  • Historic Schoolhouse

    Historic Schoolhouse

    In addition to the main Museum, just to the north is the District #73, Hedge Corner Country School. It was originally located about 2 miles west of Tecumseh. In the 1970

  • Log Cabin - Home - Post Office

    Log Cabin - Home - Post Office

    Superior's original building, a log cabin, was built by William Louden and several of his friends in 1872. The building served as a home, post office and trading post. As acting postmaster, Louden (

  • Aurand Hall

    The history, heritage and frontier life of Nuckolls County are seen here in Aurand Hall. This hall was given by Mr. &

  • G.A.R. Hall

    G.A.R. Hall

    The Grand Army Republic offered membership to all military personal who served in the Union Army from 1861 to 1865

  • John Brown's Cave

    John Brown's Cave

    The log home of Allen Mayhew is the oldest-known cabin in Nebraska and an important piece of American history. The cabin was built in 1850

  • Taylor - Wessel - Brickel House
    (Nelson House)

    Taylor - Wessel - Brickel House<BR>(Nelson House)

    The Taylor - Wessel - Bickel House is one of the oldest homes in the state and the finest example of Greek Revival Architecture. In the late 1850

  • Old Freighters Museum

    Old Freighters Museum

    On July 20, 1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set foot on the gently sloped banks of what is now known as Nebraska City and considered it an "ideal site for a future city." About 40

  • River Country Nature Center

    River Country Nature Center

    Visitors are invited to take a walk on the wild side at the River County Nature Center. More than 400

  • Otoe County Museum of Memories

    Otoe County Museum of Memories

    The Museum of Memories is a three-building complex operated by a group of volunteer's who work at the museum each week. The museum began in 1973

  • Table Rock Museums

    Table Rock Museums

    Table Rock is filled with a wealth of history. A one-of-a-kind group of seven individual museums incorporated in the downtown district capture and preserve the rich heritage of the community.

  • Polk County Historical Society Museum

    Polk County Historical Society Museum

    John H. Mickey, a businessman and politician was an influential and respected citizen of Osceola and

  • Bell-Jenne House Museum

    Bell-Jenne House Museum

    This Italiante-style house was built in 1881

  • Wilber Czech Museum

    Wilber is the National Czech Capitol. Museum houses textiles, costumes, a blacksmith shop and harness repair shop interpreting the town'

  • Strategic Air and Space Museum

    Strategic Air and Space Museum

    The new Strategic Air Command (SAC) Museum stands as a tribute to the men and women of SAC who safeguarded liberty around the globe for nearly 50

  • Archie Hightshoe Animal Collection

    Archie Hightshoe Animal Collection

    Nestled among the storefronts of Ashland, Nebraska is Willow Point Gallery, the home of The Archie Hightshoe Big Game Collection, or as local people call it, "

  • Saunders County Historical Society Museum

    Saunders County Historical Society Museum

    Experience Saunders County history through its complex of seven buildings and caboose on 5 acres of land.

    The Main Building completed in 1994

  • Burlington Depot

    Burlington Depot

    The Wahoo Burlington Depot, a two-story wood frame building on the Ashland-to-Schuyler line, was constructed in 1886, several months before the railroad's tracks were completed in 1887

  • Thayer County Museum (Belvidere)

    Thayer County Museum (Belvidere)

    One of the most interesting places to visit when you are in Thayer County is the Thayer County Museum located in the former school building at Belvidere. Since 1969

  • District Ten School Museum

    District Ten School Museum

    Three monuments grace the grounds of this country school, a red granite Oregon trail marker, with legend inscribed on it;

  • Immigrant House

    Immigrant House

    In October of 1874, a group of 35 Mennonite families fled persecution in South Russia and settled in

  • Anna Bemis Palmer Museum

    Anna Bemis Palmer Museum

    The Anna Bemis Palmer Museum, considered one of the finest historical museums in Nebraska, is a

  • Lee's Legendary Marbles and Collectibles

    Lee's Legendary Marbles and Collectibles

    "Everybody played marbles when I was going to school,including the girls. Sometimes they were better shots than the boys. It was one of the most popular games. There wasn'

  • Children's Museum

    Children's Museum

    The York Area Children's Museum has a multitude of reality-based displays that bring out children's fantasies based on the fun side of

  • Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History

    Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History

    Hastings Museum.... What a wonderful world!

    From immense polar bears to tiny hummingbirds, the many forms of animal life

  • Softball Hall of Fame

    Softball Hall of Fame

    Adjacent to the Smith Softball Complex, the Hall of Fame showcases softball displays and provides information about the Nebraska Amateur Softball

  • Gibbon Heritage Museum

    The museum is housed in the oldest standing church in Buffalo County. It contains a library of photographs dating back to 1871

  • Great Platte River Road Archway Monument

    Great Platte River Road Archway Monument

    The only U.S. attraction to span an interstate highway, the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument is a fantastic link to the past. Its eight stories span a distance where trappers, pioneers, the 49

  • Museum of Nebraska Art

    Museum of Nebraska Art

    The Museum of Nebraska Art houses the state'

  • Trails & Rails Museum

    Trails & Rails Museum

    The Buffalo County Historical Society/

  • Kearney Area Children's Museum-KidZone

    Kearney Area Children's Museum-KidZone

    KidZone - Kearney Area Children'

  • Chase County Historical Museum

    Chase County Historical Museum

    The Chase County Historical Museum is a fun and educational way to learn about our colorful past. Located in Champion, Nebraska, the museum has over 1,000 items, some dating back to the 1700's!

  • Robert Henri Museum and Historical Walkway

    Robert Henri Museum and Historical Walkway

    The Henri Museum and Historical Walkway features mementos from the boyhood home of world famous artist Robert Henri, including original art and sketches.

  • 100th Meridian Museum

    100th Meridian Museum

    The 100th Meridian Museum, located adjacent to the Henri Museum, houses the antique touring coach used by William Howard Taft and his family when they toured Yellowstone Park in 1907

  • Sod House Museum

    Sod House Museum

    The award-winning Sod House Museum was established in Gothenburg in 1988

  • Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles

    Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles

    A new museum with over 60 completely restored and operational military vehicles spanning from WWII to the present. See Bradley Fighting Vehicles, a rare Snow Tractor, Bomb Loader, Tractor Dozer, M-60

  • Franklin County Museum

    Franklin County Museum

    The Franklin County Museum, bursting with history, is operated by the Franklin County Historical Society. It occupies two large buildings with a spacious parking lot.

  • Perks Prairie Paradise

    Perks Prairie Paradise

    To Letha and Marlin Perks, Prairie Paradise is their home - truly in the midst of Nebraska's frontier prairie located on the very land Marlin's grandfather homesteaded in 1889

  • Hansen Memorial Museum

    Hansen Memorial Museum

    Browse at your leisure through the rooms of the two story Victorian farm house and reminisce about bygone days. Anne Marie Hansen Jamison donated the house to the City of Curtis in 1973

  • Furnas County Museum

    Beautiful dishes, old furniture, tools, and clothing of yesteryear.

  • Stuhr Museum

    Stuhr Museum

    Experience the authentic lifestyle of America's prairie heritage at one of the nation's top ten Living History museums ... Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer!

  • Harlan County Museum

    Harlan County Museum

    The Harlan County Museum is home for the Hufnagel "PIETA." Given to St. Mary's Catholic Church by German immigrant, Frank Hufnagel, it arrived by wagon freight about 1878

  • Lighthouse Museum

    Lighthouse Museum

    Rosalie Boudreau's collection has been growing for 30 years. Her first experience was at an auction 45 years ago. She bought a buffet for $2

  • Hayes County Museum & Historical Marker

    Hayes County Museum & Historical Marker

    The original sandstone marker erected in 1931 on the land where the Duke Alexis Buffalo Hunt was held in 1872

  • Hitchcock County Musuem

    The Hitchcock County Museum invites you to travel throughout a complex of six buildings furnished with artifacts that historically depict life in this southwest Nebraska area.

  • Howard County Historical Village

    Howard County Historical Village

    St. Paul's Historical Village consists of seven antique buildings which display a wealth of artifacts from county history. Farwell Danish Lutheran Church

  • Museum of Nebraska Major League Baseball

    Museum of Nebraska Major League Baseball

    St. Paul's Baseball Museum is devoted to illustrating the careers of 114 Major League Baseball players with Nebraska roots. All 114

  • Baseball Sites

    Baseball Sites

    Besides the Museum of Nebraska's Baseball Greats be sure to see these other baseball-related sites and events. *

  • Kearney County Historical Museum

    Kearney County Historical Museum

    Memories of Kearney County since the Civil War.
    Historical Articles Of All Kinds. Many school Pictures and other old pictures, books, magazines, newspapers.

  • Cody Park Railroad Museum

    Cody Park Railroad Museum

    One of the most beautiful sights in North Platte is Cody Park. The Union Pacific Railroad Co. donated and installed steam locomotive UP 3977 in the railroad museum area of Cody Park in 1968

  • North Platte Area Children's Museum

    North Platte Area Children's Museum

    The North Platte Area Children'

  • Fort Cody Trading Post

    Fort Cody Trading Post

    Since 1963, Fort Cody Trading Post has been a landmark on the Nebraska Plains. Not only does the Fort have great shopping, but has recently finished a total renovation of Buffalo Bill'

  • WWII German POW Interpretive Center

    WWII German POW Interpretive Center

    The feature that sets Nebraska Prairie Museum apart from other museums is its unique POW display. German POW'

  • Museum of the High Plains

    Museum of the High Plains

    Authentic pioneer artifacts from the 1870

  • Sherman County Historical Society Museum

    Sherman County Historical Society Museum

    The museum collection is housed in several buildings that have been saved from around the county and moved to the museum site on the edge of Loup City. These include the Hawk Schoolhouse, the Ohlsen/

  • Webster County Historical Museum

    Webster County Historical Museum

    Housed in a beautiful classical revival style mansion, the Museum located on West Highway 136, depicts the rich heritage of the early settlers of the county during the late 1800's and into the early 1

  • Sellers-Barton Museum

    Sellers-Barton Museum

    The first museum was a log cabin built in 1936, with logs from the Niobrara River.

  • Coleman House Museum

    Coleman House Museum

    The Coleman House contains clothing, furniture, memorabilia, a genealogical file,

  • Cherry County Historical Society Museum

    The Cherry County Historical Society Museum offers the visitor a view into the town'

  • Centennial Hall and Museum

    Centennial Hall and Museum

    The bond issue to build the Valentine Public School was approved in February 1897. It was designed by Omaha architect Charles F. Beindorff, and construction was completed in 1898

  • Sandhills Museum

    Relive the colorful history of this unique area. Collection includes: 15 pre-1928

  • Arthur Bowring Sandhills Ranch Historical Park

    Arthur Bowring Sandhills Ranch Historical Park

    Ever wonder what ranch life was like during the settlement of the Sandhills in the late 1800's? A visit to the Arthur

  • Custer County Historical Museum

    Objects and photographs depicting pioneer life from the 1800s to the present. History archives and library.

  • Keya Paha Historical Society Museum

    Keya Paha Historical Society Museum

    The Keya Paha Historical Society welcomes you to experience 100

  • Thomas County Historical Society Museum

    Thomas County Historical Society Museum

    The area's newest museum is the Thomas County Historical Society Museum. Each room of the former residence of one of Thedford'

  • Fort Sidney Complex

    Fort Sidney Complex

    U.S. Troops first occupied a temporary camp known as Sidney Barracks in the summer of 1867 to protect Union Pacific Railroad construction crews. The post was officially established in November 1867

  • Lodgepole Depot Museum

    Lodgepole Depot Museum

    The community'

  • Prairie Schooner Museum

    This local history museum features home-made steam engines, a restored log cabin, spinning wheel, antique organ, old tools, telephones, and more.

  • Sudman-Niemann Heritage House Museum

    Sudman-Niemann Heritage House Museum

    Home as it was in a more genteel times this 1911

  • Garden County Museum

    Garden County Museum

    An early 1900s school house and an old opera house/theater located downtown are filled with historic items, Indian artifacts, fossils, and a bird collection of 300

  • Plains Historical Museum

    Plains Historical Museum

    To learn more about Kimball's history, visit the Plains Historical Museum. The museum is housed in the town's old Fraternal Hall. Built in 1904, and listed on the

  • North Platte Valley Museum

    North Platte Valley Museum

    When you think of the days of the old settlers, a picture of horse-drawn carriages, covered wagons, one-room schoolhouses, general stores, sod houses and a simpler way of life enters your mind. That'

  • Wyobraska Natural History Museum - Wildlife World

    Wyobraska Natural History Museum - Wildlife World

    When you walked into the Wyobraska Natural History Museum, also known as Wildlife World, you could not help but utter an unexpected "Wow!"

  • Western Nebraska Mexican American Historical Museu

    Aztec cooking utensils, stone building, Aztec and Mayan artifacts, local and Mexican cultural history, Mexican clothing, photo displays, dolls, art and agricultural displays.